7 day roguelike challenge – “Back Up” End of day 5 Written on March 14, 2013, by .

Day 5 summary Slow day again, leaving things set up for a final 2 day scramble to get things finished off and polished. Spent a long time fighting against libgdx’s built-in UI system as it doesn’t support things like hover and right-clicking natively. I think I can work around those problems as I’m not that […]

7 day roguelike challenge – “Back Up” End of day 4 Written on March 13, 2013, by .

Day 4 summary Corridors at last! I got my head around the bad description of the algorithm we had at last and fixed the odd bits. I added up and down staircases as well. and made the player spawn next to the ‘up’ one. That should be ‘down’ thinking about it now… I also added […]

7 day roguelike challenge – “Back Up” End of day 3 Written on March 12, 2013, by .

Day 3 summary A slow day but things are still happening. Rich made progression adding corridors to the generated map. Not quite there but just needs some debugging I think. I upgraded the lighting for line-of-sight so I could hide the rest of the level. On the monster side I made them chase the player […]

7 day roguelike challenge – “Back Up” End of day 2 Written on March 11, 2013, by .

Day 2 summary Rich got part of the level generation code running last night by adding doorways to the existing rooms. Hopefully the corridors will get added tonight. He is using this algorithm which seemed ok at first look but on re-reading it isn’t very clear on anything. BSP looks ok so will have that as […]

7 day roguelike challenge – “Back Up” End of day 1 Written on March 10, 2013, by .

The 7 day roguelike challenge “invites developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days”. With just under 300 teams entering this year we thought we would give it a go as well.   Day 1 summary This is our first 7drl so we are doing things from scratch as much as possible. […]

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