Weekend Warrior Jam Written on March 4, 2013, by .

This weekend Derek and Eric from SendMorePeople decided to arrange a game jam with a difference. Rather than pick a theme and make a new game we were to work on our ongoing projects but just try and get some new progress done while live streaming it. I thought that sounded good so I joined in. Positives […]

Corridor Written on February 23, 2013, by .

Been upgrading the editor to be able to add multiple regions to rooms. Before the only way to make them in-game was as single rectangular blocks. We started adding better lighting support. We load multiple lights per region ready to render. Currently using Ogres built in crappy lighting to do this so it only shows […]

First update Written on February 16, 2013, by .

This is a game along the lines of the old 8 bit isometric adventures (Head over Heels, Batman, Knightlore) but moved into 3d. It’s early so programmer/placeholder art. We have a lot of crates that will become other things and the main characters are still ‘red’ boxes but it is coming along nicely. I am […]

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