StalagRL – End of Day 4 Written on March 12, 2014, by .

Not much added visually but a fair bit done behind the scenes.

Most obviously they are NPCs in the game. These currently just stand still and get in the way but now that we have the pathfinding code finished we can make them move about.

Also added was the time system. This is the core of daily life around the camp and will determine where prisoners should be at any given time (‘free’ time, excercise, meals, rollcall, etc) plus control the guards, spotlights and no-go zones. The first part that this controls has just gone in and is the day/night lighting cycle.



Top end of the compound.

Top end of the compound.

Day 5 plans –

Dan: NPC schedules and movement. Maybe integrate them for trading.

Rich: The ‘use’ and item system.

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