StalagRL – End of day 7 – Failure Written on March 16, 2014, by .

Several updates since the previous post but the most important is that at the end of the 7DRL there is not enough gameplay to call this a game, roguelike or otherwise. There  are two reasons that I can see – Firstly the planned gameplay needed a ton of custom code. In a standard roguelike you […]

StalagRL – End of day 5 Written on March 13, 2014, by .

Finally getting some interactivity in place! The time system now governs what prisoners should be doing and when. The other prisoners move around randomly within the area they are allowed in at that time and travel to and from zones at the right time. The item system now allows you to search and pick things up. […]

StalagRL – End of Day 4 Written on March 12, 2014, by .

Not much added visually but a fair bit done behind the scenes. Most obviously they are NPCs in the game. These currently just stand still and get in the way but now that we have the pathfinding code finished we can make them move about. Also added was the time system. This is the core […]

StalagRL – Day 3 Written on March 11, 2014, by .

Day 3 summary A slow day but things are still happening. Rich made progression adding corridors to the generated map. Not quite there but just needs some debugging I think. I upgraded the lighting for line-of-sight so I could hide the rest of the level. On the monster side I made them chase the player […]

7 day roguelike challenge – “Back Up” Completed! Written on March 16, 2013, by .

Worked right up up until the last minute but calling this a success although it may turn out on the easy side on a full play-through. Balancing it was the last task so fell a bit short there. We have everything in that was planned except a class system. Considering the state it was in […]

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