StalagRL – End of day 5 Written on March 13, 2014, by .

Finally getting some interactivity in place!

The time system now governs what prisoners should be doing and when. The other prisoners move around randomly within the area they are allowed in at that time and travel to and from zones at the right time.

The item system now allows you to search and pick things up.

I redid the hut a bit to look a bit nicer and have actual beds but got no time left to do the other ones properly.

Prisoners congregating for roll call

Prisoners congregating for roll call

Find and picking up items

Find and picking up items

Plans for day 6 –

Me – Add all activities. Guards and patrol routes. New outside regions for guard areas: barracks, commandants hut, cells, shed, etc. Tunnels if possible.

Rich – Use system.

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