7 day roguelike challenge – “Back Up” End of day 5 Written on March 14, 2013, by .

Day 5 summary

Slow day again, leaving things set up for a final 2 day scramble to get things finished off and polished. Spent a long time fighting against libgdx’s built-in UI system as it doesn’t support things like hover and right-clicking natively. I think I can work around those problems as I’m not that interested in a mobile build anyway.

We can now change floors both up and back down again. Levels are the same each time and persistant (fog of war, monsters and item placements are all kept intact).

I added the start of a UI that shows the current players stats and any monsters that are trying to attack them.

Slight work done on combat, the enemies can now injure the player, although still for a fixed 200 damage each time.

Two smaller things I did – Firstly adding cheat modes to help with testing – noclip, revealmap and godmode. Secondly cutting up  lots more sprites and making their background transparent ready to be put into place on day 7.


Shows the player/nearby monster status on the top-left. also shows that used a cheat mode to move from the top-right of the level to here.

Goals for day 6



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