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This is a game along the lines of the old 8 bit isometric adventures (Head over Heels, Batman, Knightlore) but moved into 3d.

It’s early so programmer/placeholder art. We have a lot of crates that will become other things and the main characters are still ‘red’ boxes but it is coming along nicely. I am slow with Blender…
This week I’ve been working on two things. Firstly getting a teleporter up and running as an alternative to doors. And secondly adding regions to the in-game editor. Each room can be made of multiple rectangular regions to add some interest so the rooms don’t end up all looking the same shape. This will allow ‘S’ and ‘L’ shaped rooms along with corridors with bends, etc. Hopefully a screenshot next week of a corridor like that.

The current state of the game

Basic screen – Some people may recognize that this is also one of the first rooms in Head over Heels. It is only being used as a test, I am not copying it.






The in-game editor
Editor – The in-game editor.









Teleport animation
Teleporting – Teleporting between rooms. Click to see it in action. The odd green flashes at the start are to do with the gif encoding, not in the actual game.






Hope this makes a change, not seen people do a game like this for a while.

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